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    Bulls Aberdeen Angus

    TEGRO company currently belongs among the most important breeders of Aberdeen Angus in the country.

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    Holstein breed

    Holstein cattle is specialist breed with focus on milk production. Systematic breeding and at the same time creation of suitable breeding conditions, seeks to get a smooth and profitable dairy cows with sufficient performance and longevity.

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    Stud heifers

    We offer Angus black and red heifers with POP, born in the spring of 2018, can be bought immediately, we also offer breeding bulls from selections 2018...


About us

TEGRO company is located in Těšenov 64, Horní Cerekev, canton Pelhřimov and was created as a private agricultural company in 1993. The company manages 890 ha of agricultural land in the Vysočina Region, 17 km from Pelhřimov towards Telč. Altitude farming is in the range from 540 to 670 m above sea.

Priority of this company is agricultural production in the range livestock production linked to the production plant. The core program of TEGRO is cattle, which is divided into two areas. Breeding cows with milk production of Holstein breed, and breeding cows without milk market production breed Aberdeen Angus.

  • National winner - animal group TEGRO - category breeder group - South Bohemian angus show 2018


  • National winner - DITA RED TEGRO - CZ 693318 961 - calves category - South Angus show 2018


  • National winner - ALMA TEGRO - CZ568466 961 - young cow category 1 and 2 calves - South Angus show 2018


Our cattle

  • Aberdeen angus - black

    Breed Aberdeen Angus is the most popular meat breed in the world. Black color breed is prized above all in the USA.

  • Holstein cattle

    The formation and structure of the body is related to the breed of Holstein dairy utility type. In the company TEGRO is the main aim of breeding the current increase milk yields and improve the health status without buying animals from other farms, with an emphasis on profitability produced milk.

  • Aberdeen angus - red

    This breed is called the breed the future, not only for its ease of calving, for its great ability to parent, for his excellent fertility, but mainly for its unique flavor of the meat.

Current offer


As part of the Earthquake 2019 exhibition, the Aberdeen angus heifers will be auctioned at 3pm on Saturday 24 August 2019 at the České Budějovice Exhibition Center. Our pregnant heifers will also be auctioned. Come and buy pregnant heifers with breeding of national winners and champion breed. TEGRO spol s r.o. Těšenov. Heifers you can from. 22.8.2019 see directly at the exhibition in BW, please contact our zoo-technic - 606 900 432.