Aberdeen angus

Aberdeen Angus is a modern meat breed that has a nice Mother's fertility and easy childbirth. Meat from slaughter animals is characterized by high marbling, tenderness, juiciness and specific taste. It is favorable for animals slaughtered carcass yield of 61% and due to the soft ground and the low proportion of bone in the body carcasses 14-16%. One of the characteristics of the breed is jacketed black or red (red) color. The first Aberdeen Angus calves are born in our country in 1992. Besides sporadic imports from Hungary, Denmark and Germany, was our breeding mainly based on import heifers from Canada. In 1995, the republic imported animals in red color "red angus." From above mentioned characteristics of the breed, which is confirmed in our conditions, they are probably the main reason why this breed has experienced a relatively short period of time, such an extension. Besides, it also documents the interest of other farmers on purchase of breeding animals.

Aberdeen Angus in a short time gained a reputation as an excellent meat breed. This reputation has contributed notably to the breed AA was the first meat breed in our country in which the breeders managed to complete the sale of animals for slaughter through branded meat "Czech angus". Meat is suitable for culinary processing gives this breed specific guarantees in the future and also points the way for other breeds.


  • National winner - animal group TEGRO - category breeder group - South Bohemian angus show 2018


  • National winner - DITA RED TEGRO - CZ 693318 961 - calves category - South Angus show 2018


  • National winner - ALMA TEGRO - CZ568466 961 - young cow category 1 and 2 calves - South Angus show 2018