Holstein cattle

The breed is characterized by black-pied color with a white blaze on his head. Some of the animal is a carrier of the recessive allele red-dappled coloration (about 10-15%), and for these animals is known as RED Holstein. In some countries, the RED variety bred specifically elsewhere is used for converting pied combined cattle breeds.

In the Czech Republic since 2005 Holstein cattle became the predominant breed and milking his share of the population of cows in milk yields in 2011, already accounts for 57%. The average milk yield of purebred Holstein cows approaching 9.000 kg of milk per standard lactation, which the Czech Republic ranks among the leading countries across the EU.

Meaning Holstein cattle for meat production is underestimated or completely hampered because the breed is due to the high production of milk deemed unsuitable for fattening. It is true that this breed is worse muscles of animals less valuable representation lots of meat and fat is higher in comparison with the combined or specialized beef breeds. On the other hand, the advantages of the breed is the high intensity of growth and bigger body frame, which have a beneficial relationship for meat production. Holstein breed bulls are used for veal production systems in intensive fattening milk or cereal fattening to produce young beef usually up to 150 kg carcase weight. Further to fatten young cattle to lower slaughter weights (400 to 450 kg body weight).


  • National winner - CUKAN RED TEGRO, 959199 061, category young breeding bulls - NV Brno 2017


  • 2nd place - ZEUS RED TEGRO, CZ 804945 061, breed of bull over 3 years


  • National winner- animal group TEGRO - category breeder group- South Bohemian show 2016