Jihočeská angus show 2018

The beautiful celebration of the 25th anniversary of TEGRO The South Bohemian Beef Show is a specialized exhibition for the aberdeen angus and limousine breeds, which takes place at the end of August in České Budějovice at the two-year intervals as part of the professional program of the Agricultural Fair of the Land Breeder. The date of this year's exhibition was 23rd - 28th August 2018. This exhibition was premiered in 2012, then only with the participation of aberdeen angus breeders, since the next year they were joined by limousine breeders. This year's event was the fourth special show of Angus, in the case of limousines it was the third "special". Our company's animals have enjoyed many laurels, which we consider to be a tremendous success. Beautiful celebration of 25 years of TEGRO.

Video watch here.

National winner - animal group TEGRO - category breeder group - South Bohemian angus show 2018
National winner - DITA RED TEGRO - CZ 693318 961 - calves category - South Angus show 2018
National winner - ALMA TEGRO - CZ568466 961 - young cow category 1 and 2 calves - South Angus show 2018
2nd place - UMA RED TEGRO - CZ 452429 961 - category of older cows on 3rd and other calves
National winner - CÉZAR RED TEGRO - CZ 959253 961 - breed category breed registered in 2018