NV livestock and agricultural machinery

THE NATIONAL EXHIBITION in Brno is the largest show of animal production in the Czech Republic. More than 800 animals - cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and horses are presented in national championships, shows and reviews with the participation of Czech and international jurors. There are 200 Czech and foreign exhibitors presenting breeding technologies, veterinary and reproductive technology, feed and agricultural machinery. The exhibition enjoys great popularity among the professional and lay public. At the time of the event, the exhibition area will be visited by almost 45,000 visitors. 

National winner ZEUS RED TEGRO, CZ 804945061, breed category breed up to 3 years, NV Brno 2015
National winner VIKI RED TEGRO, CZ 506634961, category of young cows at 1 and 2 calves, NV Brno 2015
National winner ZOJA TEGRO, CZ 533056961, category of heifers, NV Brno 2015
2nd place TUNA TEGRO, CZ 425150961, category older cow, NV Brno 2015
3rd place OLIVIA RED TEGRO, CZ 272520961, older cow category, NV Brno 2015
3rd place, BORIS TEGRO, CZ 918562061, category of tele-bulls, NV Brno 2015